Cisco Cloud Control Framework

December 5, 2023


Data Power: What the EU Data Act Means for You

4 min read

This blog analyses the 2023 EU Data Act, focusing on access, sharing, and use of data, as well as cloud switching, and what it means for a company like Cisco and our customers.

November 29, 2023


Unlocking Industrial Data: The EU Data Act

2 min read

Given the novel aspects of EU Data Act, there will undoubtedly be additional compliance and design processes created in order to participate in this new data economy. But for organizations like Cisco, with established data governance and cloud compliance programs in place, there is a clear roadmap forward.

June 29, 2023


Webex first collaboration suite with EU Cloud Code of Conduct Level 3 adherence

2 min read

Webex by Cisco is the first collaboration and conferencing solution to achieve Level 3 adherence to the EU Cloud Code of Conduct.