As organizations transition to cloud-centric infrastructure, networking and security teams are tasked to build environments that are both connected and secure from the foundation up, regardless of where the user or application resides. It has become essential for IT to pivot their networks to support a distributed workforce, provide seamless and secure access to business-critical applications across all clouds, and gain insights to enable them to respond rapidly to business demands.

At Cisco, we build networking and security innovations together from the ground up to support better experiences without compromise.

Learn how the latest Cisco SD-WAN release (17.8) enables customers to become more agile and resilient while delivering an exceptional user experience.

Optimize Custom Applications with Cloud OnRamp for SaaS

Organizations continue to lean on SaaS applications to quickly share data back and forth and collaborate in real-time. To optimize performance across a broader set of applications, we are announcing Cloud OnRamp for SaaS support with customer defined custom applications or Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR) applications. This update enables customers to experience fast, reliable, and secure connectivity to SaaS apps and gain visibility into network metrics.

In addition to supporting top business applications, with the latest Cisco SD-WAN release, Cloud OnRamp for SaaS now extends support to all other applications, enabling customers to automate best path selection with the application of their choice for a better user experience.

Improve IT operations with Cisco Analytics enhancements

Recent enhancements to Cisco vAnalytics provide enhanced visibility and correlate industry application benchmarks with the underlying network for operational insights. These enhancements allow customers to transform network operations from a reactive to a highly proactive model by providing greater insights into their underlying SD-WAN fabric and cloud connectivity. Here are the key advantages:

  • Improved Application Experience: Enhanced visibility with application-level telemetry helps to expedite issue identification and resolution.
  • Actionable Operational Insights: Correlate telemetry, establish benchmarks, and provide operational insights. Transforming network operations to a highly proactive model​. It also provides detailed visual presentation and reporting for offline review.
  • Improved IT Experience – Highly visualized graphic capabilities that simplify analytics for an improved experience

Secure with Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) enhancements:

  • Layer-7 Application Health Check support is now expanded beyond Cisco Umbrella and Zscaler to include additional security vendors. Cisco SD-WAN supports customers that have multi-vendor strategies. Customers can also transition on their timetable to a Cisco single-vendor solution.  Cisco provides IT choice to identify the best performing tunnel (based on loss and latency) for application reachability.
  • New SIG Data Policy Fallback support helps customers avoid a condition called ‘blackholing’. If the SIG becomes unreachable due to an outage, the policy-based automatic redirection will provide an alternative path by enabling traffic to traverse the SD-WAN overlay to the Datacenter and re-establish a secure connection. This traffic redirection provides additional flexibility and delivers a better user experience. Cisco SD-WAN supports Cisco Umbrella,  Zscaler, and general tunnel connectivity in our IOS-XE platforms.

Modern enterprises must provide users with the ability to connect to business-critical cloud applications with greater speed, reliability, and efficiency. Cisco SD-WAN provides the backbone of an enterprise to support seamless, secure, and high-performance connectivity across home, campus, and branch environments.

Cisco SD-WAN makes sure your business has the best networking foundation possible for hybrid work success.

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