Cisco engineers

May 11, 2023


Cisco Partner Engineers are “Owning It!” at Cisco Live 2023

3 min read

“Better Together” is how Cisco and Partner engineers accomplish great things. CLUS offers a platform to recognize this vital alliance and how it accelerates innovations that leverage our world-class portfolio—and in ways we didn’t know possible without this teamwork.

September 30, 2022


Demo Day in the U.S. & India Brings Together 1800 Engineers to Share, Learn, and Reconnect

4 min read

With many engineers returning to the office, the excitement around reconnecting with colleagues fills the air. Look no further than the latest continuous learning activity ― Demo Day ― for evidence of this enthusiasm. 

May 23, 2017


Disrupt or get disrupted – a Cisco hackathon is born.

2 min read

32 hours non-stop. Pushing boundaries. Thinking creatively and innovating in ways never thought possible.That sums up the recent 4th Annual Enterprise Networking Group (ENG) Hackathon. Read more!

November 21, 2016


6 Ways I Found My Cisco Direction At Grace Hopper India

2 min read

I still remember my very first day at Cisco, as if it was just yesterday (though it was july of 2014.) I had just graduated with a Bachelors in Computer...

June 6, 2016


Why Falling is Fun

2 min read

What can bubble soccer teach us about innovation at Cisco? That falling can be fun, and lead to greater achievements!

June 1, 2016


Tell Me Again, Why Cisco?

3 min read

As an Intern Experience Leader (a fancy way of saying I mentor interns at Cisco) I get asked a lot of questions. At a recent intern event, I got asked...

April 26, 2016


#CiscoChampion Radio, S3|Ep. 12: What can DevNet do for Network Engineers?

1 min read

#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists. Today we’re discussing what DevNet can do for Network Engineers with Cisco expert Chris Oggerino. Get the Podcast Listen to this episode Download this episode (right-click on the episode’s download button) View this episode in iTunes Cisco Guest Chris Oggerino (@coggerin), Cisco DevNet Cisco Champion Hosts Bill Carter […]

November 16, 2015


Delivering Awesome, Inspired by Graffiti Art

1 min read

  “Delivering Awesome” might mean different things to different people. For the team delivering a workspace reboot, it...