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Pooja Kabra

Network Consulting Engineer
Advanced Services

Pooja is a Network Consulting Engineer with Cisco’s Global Delivery Center team). In this role, she serves as a customer liaison and leads projects that routinely deal with the wireless network infrastructure. These projects have required her to jump around the globe and she absolutely loved those experiences, and the testimony to this love is her Instagram and Facebook feeds that have for some reason, stayed dormant for a few months now.

She is as conscientious as she is exuberant and writes routinely about social issues at her blog. Her writings, however, are not limited to social issues and range from thoughtful articles about books and movies to pointed critiques of incidents and yes, silly New Year resolutions.

Outside of her work, she is a part of Toastmasters. In fact, she has been a member for the last 5 years and enjoys public speaking. She volunteers to teach English to underprivileged kids.

Most importantly however, she loves to cook, but only for herself. On a serious note, she loves traveling and meeting new people. Her true love though is a big tub of chocolate ice cream.

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