circular economy

January 25, 2022


Make Predictability and Sustainability Your Copilots for a Successful 2022

2 min read

Cisco flexible payment and lifecycle solutions can help your business accelerate and leverage Hybrid Work to be more productive, enjoy predictability, and sustainability for a successful 2022.

Addressing the Climate Crisis: How Cisco Technology Can Help #CiscoChat

3 min read

Check out this recap from a recent #CiscoChat about how we enable customers to reduce their carbon footprints and meet their sustainability goals.

September 9, 2021


Cisco’s continued journey to net zero

4 min read

Cisco’s SVP of Corporate Affairs, Tae Yoo, has seen our commitment to environmental sustainability grow over the years. Learn more about Cisco’s new net-zero emissions commitments.

Cisco’s inclusive future: A value chain perspective

4 min read

Cisco's SVP of Supply Chain, John Kern, shares how Cisco is taking action to drive a more just and sustainable future for the workers and communities in our value chain, and for us all collectively on this planet.

April 20, 2021


Cisco is closing the loop on the Circular Economy

2 min read

The race to reduce our dependence on raw materials is on. Find out how a holistic approach to designing, building, and delivering products is helping Cisco build a more #circulareconomy.

Environmental impact in Cisco’s supply chain

4 min read

Making the world a better place with technology begins with how we make that technology. This commitment is core to our supply chain.

Cisco product lifecycle management

5 min read

Cisco product lifecycle management is central to the concept of a circular economy. Learn more about our commitment to a circular economy.