Cisco Purpose Report

How Cisco employees are involved with community impact

Community impact continues to be an integral part of Cisco’s Conscious Culture. This allows us to accelerate and multiply impact for good.

Applying circular design thinking

In fiscal 2021, Cisco launched a design evaluation methodology to help us track progress toward our circular design goal.

Making bold moves for HBCUs

Cisco made a US$150 million commitment to preserve the legacy and sustainability of HBCUs through Social Justice Action 8.

January 20, 2023


See. Measure. Reduce. Building a sustainable practice with Cisco Customer Experience (CX)

Last fiscal year, Cisco set a goal to reach net zero across its value chain by 2040. As technical leads at Cisco, we share our thoughts on how CX can help our customers along their sustainability journey.

Valuing privacy and inclusion in software design

Our approach to responsible AI helps us design for fairness from ideation and make improvements throughout the product lifecycle.

December 8, 2022


Cisco Launches Industry-First Partnering for Purpose Initiative

Today marks the release of the 2022 Cisco Purpose Report, and while we continue to make great strides in our ESG efforts, we know that we can't do it without our partners. Read more to learn about Cisco's industry-first Partnering for Purpose Initiative.

Cisco releases 2022 Purpose Report, highlighting progress on ESG goals

Cisco’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Mary de Wysocki, shares some highlights from our 2022 Cisco Purpose Report.