This past year we’ve experienced a whirlwind of challenges that have impacted every person, business, and industry. We faced supply chain challenges, macro-economic pressures, geo-political tensions, and the great resignation, all while continuing to deal with the global pandemic whose shifting conditions frequently altered how we interacted with loved ones and colleagues.

The new year brings new goals and aspirations for us and our businesses as we hope to reset and refresh to make this year better than the past. Yet, we continue to face some uncertainties as we try to navigate hybrid work while keeping our employees safe and caring for their mental well-being. Additionally, inflation rates may be making it more difficult to obtain the tools we need to transform and innovate. I think we’re all hoping for some more predictability and stability so that it’s easier to navigate and make decisions in the new year.

Predictable Payments for Meeting Your Budget and Technology Needs

For 25 years, Cisco Capital has been committed to helping our partners and customers acquire the solutions they need. By offering payment solutions that can work with almost any budget, we aim to enable organizations to get the tech stacks they need with predictable payment schedules so there are no surprises. Selecting the payment and solution portfolio that’s ideal for each business can help better meet the evolving requirements of the workforce and customers while creating more value and profitability.

As we all face the challenges of inflation and potential interest rates hikes, the security of knowing exactly what your payment will be each month and its duration can bring some relief to businesses. From bundled solutions, software, and services solutions, to consumption, and regional programs, our Payment Solutions Portfolio offers depth and breadth to provide you with choice, flexibility, and peace of mind as we enter the new year.

Creating a More Sustainable Future

As businesses look to reduce their carbon impact and become more sustainable, participating in the circular economy is an easy way to get closer to those goals. The circular economy works when enterprises reuse, recycle, or refurbish end-of-life products instead of simply disposing of them. This reduces the volume of new materials required to make new products and the amount of waste created as businesses refresh their technology stack.

Cisco offers several solutions that can help make businesses more sustainable and allow them to participate in the circular economy.  One is the Cisco Takeback and Reuse Program.  Cisco provides free pickup and transport of end-of-use hardware for customers and partners globally. It’s simple, secure, and sustainable. All returned equipment is stored in a secure location and data is cleared from returned hard drives to protect data security. In FY20, we reused and recycled 99.8% of what was returned to us.

In addition to the Cisco Takeback and Reuse Program, Cisco also offers a Migration Incentive (formerly MIP).  Partners can earn this stackable discount by migrating customers to new technologies and returning displaced equipment.  These product return programs are becoming increasingly popular as companies upgrade their infrastructure to support hybrid work initiatives.

Finally, there’s Cisco Refresh.  Cisco Refresh is genuine pre-owned Cisco equipment that’s been completely remanufactured to like-new condition. Because it has been remanufactured it uses less energy and new materials making it a sustainable addition to any business.

Kick Off the New Year with Us

As we kick off 2022, we remain committed to finding the payment and lifecycle solutions to meet your needs and help your business enter the new year refreshed and on track to meet your productivity and sustainability goals.

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