Malware Analysis

September 29, 2020


LodaRAT Update: Alive and Well

Talos recently identified new versions of Loda RAT, a remote access trojan written in AutoIt. Not only have these versions abandoned their usual obfuscation techniques, several functions have been rewritten and new functionality has been added. In one version, a hex-encoded PowerShell keylogger script has been added, along with a new VB script, only to […]

November 14, 2019


Custom dropper hide and seek

Most users assume they are safe when surfing the web on a daily basis. But information-stealing malware can operate in the background of infected systems, looking to steal users’ passwords, track their habits online and hijack personal information. Cisco Talos has monitored adversaries which are behind a wave of ongoing campaigns dropping well-known information-stealer like […]

September 5, 2019


GhIDA: Ghidra decompiler for IDA Pro

Executive Summary Cisco Talos is releasing two new tools for IDA Pro: GhIDA and Ghidraaas. GhIDA is an IDA Pro plugin that integrates the Ghidra decompiler...

August 28, 2019


RAT Ratatouille – Backdooring PCs with leaked RATs

Orcus RAT and RevengeRAT are two of the most popular remote access trojans (RATs) in use across the threat landscape. Since its emergence in 2016, various adversaries used RevengeRAT to...

March 13, 2019


GlitchPOS: New PoS malware for sale

Warren Mercer and Paul Rascagneres authored this post with contributions from Ben Baker. Executive summary Point-of-sale malware is popular among attackers, as it usually leads to them obtaining credit card...

February 20, 2019


Combing Through Brushaloader Amid Massive Detection Uptick

Brushaloader is an evolving threat that is being actively developed and refined over time as attackers identify areas of improvement and add additional functionality. Ensure PowerShell logging is enabled and configured on endpoints.

November 8, 2018


Metamorfo Banking Trojan Keeps Its Sights on Brazil

Cisco Talos recently identified two ongoing malware distribution campaigns being used to infect victims with banking trojans, specifically financial institutions' customers in Brazil.

July 24, 2018


Advanced Mobile Malware Campaign in India uses Malicious MDM – Part 2

This blog post is authored by Warren Mercer and Paul Rascagneres and Andrew Williams. Summary Since our initial post on malicious mobile device management (MDM) platforms, we have gathered...

July 12, 2018


Advanced Mobile Malware Campaign in India uses Malicious MDM

Cisco Talos has identified a highly targeted campaign against 13 iPhones which appears to be focused on India. The attacker deployed an open-source mobile device management (MDM) system to control enrolled devices.