When we talk about our own personal style we usually mean our preferences. And we often base that style on our goals. For example, the clothes we wear. The way we talk. How we spend our free time. Our style is also influenced by a number of channels—media, family, friends. But what channel should we listen to and how?

In your digital enterprise, style also matters. You’re collecting data from all types of devices—data that will influence how you achieve your goals. According to Gartner, there are four major data types collected by IoT devices.

Each of these data types is important and influences your business decisions. But your data alone isn’t enough to keep you ahead of your competitors. The reason? We’re currently undergoing a massive shift in how enterprises use data analytics from their IoT infrastructure.

Last year less than 10 percent of enterprises used a data-centric approach. In the next two years, Gartner predicts that number will grow to 70 percent. They also predict that at least 10 percent of those will go on to begin highly profitable business units that monetize their data. So how do you get a piece of this?

You need the right tools to help you analyze your data—preferably automated to help you speed decision making and growth. You also need the right talent, which can be difficult to find and expensive. And you need someone with experience, with a wealth of intellectual capital, who can help you navigate and scale in this new data-driven landscape.

The good news is the right set of tools can help you optimize the investment you’ve made in your IoT infrastructure. They can also help you make sound decisions to accelerate your company’s growth.

The even better news is that Cisco Business Critical Services brings you the ongoing expert guidance, analytics, and automation you need to predict opportunities, preempt risks, and navigate important technology transitions using your IoT infrastructure and data. It’s based on more than 30 years of intellectual capital.

And with the release of our latest version of Business Critical Services, we’re now supporting Kinetic Edge and Fog Compute capabilities. This includes:

  • Configuration and Software Change Support
  • Software Lifecycle Management
  • Operations Risk Remediation
  • Escalation Engineering Support
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Consulting

I’m very excited about this release. These important services connect you to the insights you need to grow. And to your company’s “data style” to get the most out of your IoT infrastructure. So don’t wait. Find out more today—and keep styling.



Joseph M. Bradley

Global Vice President

Digital & IoT Advanced Services