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Song Toh

Senior Manager, Product Management
Cisco Network Services Orchestrator

Song Bac Toh is the head of product management for Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) and Elastic Services Controller (ESC), an industry-leading orchestration solution for network services. Prior to his current role, Song led the product management for Cisco Prime Service Catalog and Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite. He also led the early product management effort of Cisco Virtual Managed Services.

NSO is based on Tail-f technology, which Cisco acquired. NSO now has over 100 customers across the world, including Tier-1 global service providers, and a number of enterprises. Having established its reputation as a model-based service orchestration platform that support multi-vendor network devices, NSO continues its success in this area, with support for over 50 network device vendors, and more than 100 Network Element Drivers (NEDs).

With experience recapturing growth at mature companies as well as launching new solutions at startups, Song drives products forward via innovation, breaking down organization barriers that block growth, and delivering value to customers and end users. 

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