A digital workforce transformation starts with a great meeting experience. It extends to connecting people, content, and ideas intuitively and securely so individuals and teams produce their best work all the time, with no compromises.

Cisco makes working together easy — intuitive. With our collaboration solutions people connect online much like they do in person to make the most of their creative energy. Tools adapt, so teams don’t have to. No matter what devices you’re using, everyone feels like they’re part of the same team. And people stay connected even after the meeting ends.

I’m pleased to share that today we launched a new marketing campaign, with the popular actress Millie Bobby Brown. It underscores these unique value propositions – only found from Cisco.

Our collaboration vision and strategy is built on powerful platform. It takes you from wherever you may be today, to where you need to go in the future. As in any transformation, you need a strategy to achieve your goal. Your digital workforce transformation is no different. Your strategy needs to be comprehensive and consider all aspects: security risk and compliance needs? Increased complexity and cost? Accelerated pace of technology transformation? Lack of expertise and talent gap? Business and technology strategy alignment? Technology adoption? Be careful to not tackle everything all at once. Prioritize and understand what items you think you can have the most impact on TODAY.

Your digital workforce transformation will happen in the three phases: Engage. Evolve. Empower. Engage, bringing collaboration to everyone in your organization. Evolve, transform work and build an environment to support the evolution of all workstyles. Empower, take full advantage of the Cisco platform to automate workflows, leverage artificial intelligence to improve the meeting experiences, and find new ways to use collaboration to change the way people work.

This is an iterative process, with key steps and learning in each, that can help to reshape and refine your transformation as you move through each phase. Additionally, each phase will have some level of design and deployment and require a diligent effort around end user adoption to build a foundation and continue grow those capabilities. You will want to identify key measurements up front, so you can measure success, as well as, identify ways to optimize your rollouts. Then assess your learnings, in order to make the necessary adjustments before taking your journey into the next phase. These are all critical steps to execute your digital workforce transformation successfully and reach your planned destination.

Perhaps you have resources internally to perform some or all of these steps, or perhaps you might need help along the way. Cisco Collaboration Services are here to support your digital workforce transformation.

Making your transformation easy, safe, and intuitive, which leads to costs savings, accelerating the time to deliver new services, improving employee and customer engagement, and creating agility to foster innovation. Cisco Collaboration Services align with your challenges to connect your employees and move your business forward.



Bryan Metelski

Director, Services Product Management

Customer Experience