architectural approach

September 27, 2017


When it Comes to Network Security, Your Best Defense is Security Everywhere!

New troubling cyberattacks are in the news almost daily. No one is immune. Have you checked your credit score lately? I just finished freezing mine. A national credit bureau breach...

June 2, 2017


Less is More – Fewer Cybersecurity Vendors Yield More Effective Security

A traditional, tactical approach to security -- encounter a new threat, buy another box -- usually results in a complex security “frankenstructure” of products. Cisco delivers greater simplicity and automation.

February 14, 2014


Get Started on SDN and Cisco ONE: Learn from Our New Technical White Paper

If you were to believe the industry press, you could easily be forgiven for thinking that many companies across the world were rolling software defined networking (SDN) technologies into their...

February 10, 2014


IT Leaders can be Brokers of Cloud Technology

We live in a world of many clouds, clouds that are as unique as we are. Today’s IT leaders are helping organizations manage the new demands of rapidly changing business requirements and the delivery of innovative services, all due to the rise in cloud adoption. Yet, according to a recent Wired article, the advancement of […]

December 23, 2013


SDN Adoption Challenges: My Wrap Up For 2013

2013 was the year I started working on SDN - specifically in the area of devising professional services for Cisco ONE and Application Centric Infrastructure, ACI.  A few...