Scott Schell

Senior Manager

CX Americas

Scott Schell is a senior leader in Cisco's CX Americas Partner Enablement with direct responsibility for partner enablement of the CX Services portfolio in the Americas as it is today and for enabling our Cisco Partners as we fully transform our CX strategy with our Cisco Partners - all focused on the lifecycle of our customers and ensuring they are choosing, using, and loving Cisco!

As a business and channel development professional with 20 year experience in the communications, technology, managed services, and software industries – he has proven success in taking new service offers to market through development and execution of marketing, sales, and channel plans. Since joining Cisco in 2012, he has focused on integrating Cisco Services and lifecycle management into the sales motion in each of Cisco’s sales regions and Cisco Partners and Distributors.


April 12, 2016


It’s Not All about You. And 5 Other Tips on How to Be the Ultimate Trusted Advisor.

3 min read

When it comes to your customers, the solutions you sell may get your foot in the door, but let’s face it, it’s the relationships you build that elevate your business to “trusted advisor” status, which will lead to increases in retention and revenue over the long haul. So how do you earn that trust and a reputation […]

February 10, 2016


Growing Customer Lifetime Value: Here’s the Secret Sauce…

2 min read

Your customers are the most important drivers of growth for your business. They’re often the reason new clients seek you out, and they serve as the source for post-sale opportunities and recurring revenue. It’s the simple truth. But what’s also true is that in today’s digital age and dynamic business environment, where trust and loyalty […]

January 20, 2016


Building Your Customer Success Team: Much, Much More Than Just Good Customer Support

2 min read

When building a customer success team and making your case for more investment in the initiative, the most striking misunderstanding you may have come across is that a customer success team is a cost center and just provides really good customer support.  Let’s set the record straight – a customer success team does provide excellent […]