Does corporate compliance have you in a conundrum? Sure, we all dread compliance as we dread doing our taxes every year. It takes time and effort. It and keeps us away from the interesting stuff in our jobs — like innovating, collaborating, and growing the business. After all, employee productivity equals business value.

In fact, a Global Center for Digital Business Transformation study notes that healthcare has the potential to capture $838 billion in digital value from worker productivity using technologies such as mobility and video collaboration. In retail and banking, the potential is $550 billion and $299 billion.

Perhaps you are working to capture all that productivity value from Cisco Spark. And you need to address myriad compliance challenges.

  • If you are in retail, you know Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance is complex. It is ever-evolving with all the entities involved: the banks, Web hosts, shopping carts, e-commerce, merchants, and so on.
  • In healthcare, you may be facing several daunting hurdles to meet HIPAA compliance with the adoption of digital patient records, increased regulation, and the growing demand for information.
  • Financial institutions have made strides toward improving internal control processes since the Sarbanes-Oxley Act became law 12 years ago. Yet, new challenges emerge as institutions work to comply with evolving regulatory requirements and industry guidelines.

Despite all this complexity, have you considered that compliance may actually be good for your business? Many studies have found that companies with strong governance and compliance cultures outperform their counterparts. Compliance can actually boost the bottom line.

We get it at Cisco Advanced Services. We can help you turn compliance into a business growth driver using Cisco Spark Compliance Services. We want you to realize the full productivity potential you stand to gain from Cisco Spark. We will work with you to operationalize and integrate your Cisco Spark platform so that you can get back to the fun and productive stuff in no time. Our approach uses Cisco Spark APIs to develop and integrate the compliance application into your environment and back-end systems.

Let Cisco Spark Compliance Services help you realize the ROI of effective governance.

Now, if only we could come up with an IRS filing API for Uncle Sam….


Lowell Johnson

Senior Director

Advanced Services for Collaboration