Cisco recently announced our exciting new Cisco Spark Board. And, many customers are eager to ignite the meeting experience for their employees. Extending Cisco Spark into your corporate team rooms is the perfect way to tie your hardware and software capabilities together to boost team collaboration at any time in any place.

By itself, Cisco Spark Board is capable of revolutionizing the way your employees work together. However, in order to jump-start the full power of Cisco Spark Board, you have to do two things.

First, you need to implement Cisco Spark Board endpoints in your corporate team rooms and other physical locations where your teams meet to make business happen. Fortunately, it is simple and easy to install with just a power cord and a wireless network. It’s that simple. However, for large enterprises looking to deploy at scale and across the globe, installing new endpoints in dozens or even hundreds of conference rooms can be a daunting task—one that you probably did not anticipate. After all, who could have predicted Cisco would provide such a huge leap in enterprise meeting room collaboration?

To realize the full value of your investment you need to ensure the technology works seamlessly and at scale within your existing enterprise infrastructure. That’s an area where Cisco Advanced Services can really help configure, integrate, and automate your Cisco Spark deployment.

Second, once you have deployed Cisco Spark Board successfully, you should map out an internal launch plan. Here are two simple guidelines to follow to ensure your employees know how to get the most out of it.

  • Make sure everyone is set to launch. Cisco Spark Board is very simple and easy to use. Just ensure your employees’ laptops, pads and mobile phones are equipped with Spark and that they know how to invite your customers and partners to collaborate.
  • Be proactive. Help your teams share best practices so you can spread Cisco Spark successes like wildfire. Your employees need the right awareness, training, and process improvements. And, you’ll want to leverage usage metrics to measure and broaden adoption. Cisco Advanced Services can help your momentum here too. Through targeted adoption and pilot programs, including business process design and custom bot and integration development, we can help deliver value based on your business imperatives.

Quick and effective deployment at scale. Robust end-user adoption. Getting these two things right is key and can dramatically reduce the time it takes you to realize the full value from your Cisco Spark Board investment.

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Lowell Johnson

Senior Director

Advanced Services for Collaboration