Workforce management is one of the most vexing challenges an organization faces. But it also presents one of the greatest opportunities. After all, people are our greatest assets.

In fact, 64% of private sector digital value at stake is tied to people and connections. So, why are so many neglecting this rich arena of opportunity? Many digital transformation efforts focus on IT and business processes, while neglecting people.

Cost and efficiency improvements can achieve only so much. The collective knowledge and skill of employees working together to innovate and take bold chances has the potential to drive the next multi-billion dollar market.

Humans are collaborative beings: sharing, meeting, talking, plotting, conspiring, joking, playing, partying…

Charles Darwin, almost 150 years ago, said “It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed…” So, why wouldn’t we—as Mr. Darwin suggests—enable people to prevail?

Collaboration is central to our survival, and it’s central to our work. The way we collaborate at work has evolved. From the days of the traditional cubicle workspace with one phone line to networked computers. And now to agile, mobile workforces connected in digital workspaces anywhere, anytime.

Agile teams encourage experimentation, drive innovation, and respond rapidly. They depend on open flow of information through a network of employees, customers, and partners motivated by a shared purpose.

How are you creating a more collaborative work environment for your organization? Join me in this conversation: Share how you are reimagining how your employees work together to drive agility and innovation.

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Lowell Johnson

Senior Director

Advanced Services for Collaboration