Dan Kurschner

Marketing Manager, Product/Systems

Dan Kurschner brings more than 30 years of experience in telecommunications and networking covering both Enterprise and Service Provider - his most current focus being on Mobile Service Provider.  As a Senior Manager for Cisco’s Product and Solution Marketing, Dan is the lead for the Mobile Service Provider Architectural marketing strategy.  This includes the evolution to SDN, NFV and the orchestration and management.  Mr. Kurschner’s expertise includes a very broad and deep range that includes network planning, design and operations, to new product development, international business relations, as well as sales and marketing.

Mr. Kurschner has been with Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO) since November 1996.  Prior to joining Cisco, Mr. Kurschner served in various Management, Systems Engineering and Technical Sales positions while focusing on industry leading technologies.



November 15, 2016


5G is coming! Are your migration plans ready?

Download our new 5G ebook, Three Keys to Success Preparing Your Mobile Network for 5G 5G is coming, 5G is coming!!! That’s what our technology Paul Reveres are calling as they ride through our industry journals. And they are right, 5G is coming and it’s coming fast. Oh what to do, and what to do […]

You can enjoy 5G benefits today

5G is closer than you might realize. It seems like a not a week goes by where you read about another development, test, or government agency helping to pave the way to this next generation of mobility. (Don’t get me wrong – I love this stuff.)  So how can all this be happening before we […]

The Cisco 5G White Paper Series

A successful 5G evolution will be more than just a new radio access technology – it will be a new architecture. Cisco is leading the way by driving development toward a virtualized architecture that extends complex intelligence from end to end. The 5G architecture will see automated service creation and SLA. It will see a […]

February 21, 2016


Transforming into a Mobile Cloud Services Provider

Mobile network operators face interesting challenges today. Their customers have fully embraced the digital world, and that digital world keeps expanding. Most individuals have multiple devices, and more “things” are getting connected each day. However, for the most part, revenues for the Mobile operator remain flat. Many of the applications and services used are provided […]

Cisco and Intel team up to make SDN easy for Service Creation

If you missed the April 28th Cisco Knowledge Network (CKN) webinar, you missed a very special event (but, don’t worry we provide the link below to the replay for all those who did register). Cisco Knowledge Network is an ongoing series of webinars for our customers and other interested people. Typically we cover technology and […]

Cisco Fellow talks to Telecom TV about 5G and Information Centric Networking

While at the NGMN Industry Conference in Frankfurt, Germany, the folks from Telecom TV interviewed Paul Polakos, Cisco Fellow. Paul is our CTO office lead for 5G research. During this interview, Paul talks about Cisco’s active work driving towards 5G technology. Cisco is active in both Research and Development and the various standards organizations that […]

Observations from the NGMN 5G Industry Conference

Cisco asks the industry to think aggressively and to accept risks when it comes to 5G planning. I was fortunate to attend the NGMN 5G Industry Conference in Frankfurt Germany March 24-25th. And while Frankfurt in March is a bit chilly for this Florida-boy, the conference was interesting and certainly well worth an investment of […]

February 26, 2015


Making Software Defined Networks work for the Service Provider’s success

An invitation to see how Tomorrow starts here at MWC 2015 We all like to talk about creating new customized services for the end user at “web-speed”. But today there...

Apple’s Vote of Confidence for Voice and Text over Wi-Fi

I recently had the pleasure to read an excellent article by one of our industry’s leading analysts, Mr. Gabriel Brown of Heavy Reading titled “Analyzing Apple & VoLTE”. In this article, he makes the observation, that Apple – which is well known for keeping a strong focus towards their customer’s enjoying a high quality of […]