Why 5G is Changing our Approach to Security

5G is an evolving architecture which will require enhanced security mechanisms to cater to the widened threat surface. Cybersecurity is foundational to realizing dependable and resilient 5G services. Cisco’s 5G solution has security included as a foundation. Government regulators and network operators must work hand-in-hand to ensure cybersecurity best practices and capabilities are designed into 5G infrastructure and operations right from the start.

December 19, 2016


Are you ready for 5G xHaul?

A major shift in demand is driving interest in new services and 5G technologies.

November 15, 2016


5G is coming! Are your migration plans ready?

Download our new 5G ebook, Three Keys to Success Preparing Your Mobile Network for 5G 5G is coming, 5G is coming!!! That’s what our technology Paul Reveres are calling as they ride through our industry journals. And they are right, 5G is coming and it’s coming fast. Oh what to do, and what to do […]