June 16, 2015


How Cisco’s data center is built on openness

1 min read

As customers embrace cloud strategy to build an agile data center, one of the key pillars is openness. Why openness? To move fast, accelerate time-to-market, drive higher level of innovation and avoid vendor lock-in are some of the benefits to openess. What does open mean? In this case, open source, open standards, open interfaces, open API’s, […]

February 26, 2015


Making Software Defined Networks work for the Service Provider’s success

2 min read

An invitation to see how Tomorrow starts here at MWC 2015 We all like to talk about creating new customized services for the end user at “web-speed”. But today there...

November 19, 2014


Network Services Headers (NSH): Creating a Service Plane for Cloud Networks

5 min read

In the past, we have pointed out that configuring network services and security policies into an application network has traditionally been the most complex, tedious and time-consuming aspect of...