A successful 5G evolution will be more than just a new radio access technology – it will be a new architecture. Cisco is leading the way by driving development toward a virtualized architecture that extends complex intelligence from end to end. The 5G architecture will see automated service creation and SLA. It will see a reduction in the cost to deliver new services. 5G will also be a mix of access technologies addressing the needs of enterprise including IoT and customized network slices. 5G will also see a new protocol called Information Centric networking ICN, aka CCN and NDN). ICN in some ways encapsulates what 5G is really all about – a flat “any-access” architecture where content distribution, mobility and security are inherent parts of the routers. No more overlays of a CDN and no more bolting on security appliances that failure to protect the actual content.

Cisco is releasing a series of nine (9) white papers beginning with two (2) that are now posted on Light Reading http://www.lightreading.com/5g.asp in their “Educational Resources” column (right side). Watch this site as we will release additional white papers every couple of weeks.

These papers have been authored by some of the most established experts in their individual fields of service provider mobility. Most are Distinguished Engineers or Principal Engineers at Cisco.

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Dan Kurschner

Marketing Manager, Product/Systems