Leading an expert technology team at Cisco, I am always learning and always inspired. This team has a unique vantage point, with its proximity to the customer and its role in advancing innovation, as well as connecting across the whole portfolio to share insights and value. As we look to reimagine and optimize the customer’s entire experience with Cisco, we gain perspective on the architectural trends taking place across the industry, including:

  • Cloud-first, Multicloud, and Automation that frictionlessly shift mission-critical workloads and functions to private and public clouds
  • Mobility and Hyperconnectivity supporting 5G, WiFi6, and the next generations of wireless technology powering the Internet of the Future
  • Telemetry + Intellectual Capital (IC) Systems + Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) gives an equation that ingests and correlates data, creates a dynamic base of knowledge and expertise, and delivers insights and value faster while it gets better over time
  • End-to-End Security that includes advanced identity systems and zero-trust smart data protection

We have developed extensive thought leadership as a result of applying deep and wide technologies that are at the forefront of these trends, all in support of customer value. In addition to the whitepapers listed below, you can learn more about how Cisco approaches building and refining solutions anchored in these areas on the Technology Perspectives site.

We started with foundational papers including Cisco Cloud Experience and Experience Telemetry by CX: Data Model Specification and then continued across the spectrum of technology setting the industry trajectory.

White Papers

Cisco Cloud Experience: Cisco focuses on application experience seamlessly with hybrid, Multicloud, app-centric infrastructure. Authors: Nathan Sowatskey, Principal Engineer, Ashley Novak, Principal Engineer, Dave Zacks, Director, Carlos Pereira, Cisco Fellow and Chief Architect

Experience Telemetry by CX: Data Model Specification: Standardizing Experience Telemetry is foundation to drive consistency across Cisco products and solutions. Authors: Marisol Palmero Amador, Technical Leader, Yenu Gobena, Distinguished Engineer, Erik Vyncke, Distinguished Engineer

Cloud Automation Journey: Cloud vendors & consumers can implement or procure their Cloud Automation as a flexible SaaS by leveraging the proposal in this paper. Authors: Vijay Raghavendran, Distinguished Engineer, Noam Ben Gal, Principal Architect

AI/ML- An overview of industry trends & Cisco CX use-cases: Why should you care about leveraging AI in your organization? What is the current AI/ML landscape, business use-cases and evolution trends? How can you deploy AI/ML in your organization? Authors: Stefan-Alexandru Manza, Principal Architect, Ivo Pinto, Sr Solutions Architect

AI/ML Powered DevOps: AI/ML Powered DevOps is a SaaS based application to enhance the DevOps capabilities in your environment. Authors: Vijay Raghavendran, Distinguished Engineer, Ranjani Ram, Principal Engineer, Santhosh Srinivasan, Co-Founder and VP of Engineering, Peritus.AI, Inc., Goutham Tholpadi, Data Scientist, Peritus.AI, Inc.

DevSec Ops: Addressing security challenges in a fast-evolving landscape. Authors: Nadhem AlFardan, Principal Architect, Chocks Ramiah, Software Architect

An efficient software delivery framework for 5G environment: A new model merging the key tenants of DevOps, CICD and Agile Framework called Continuous Delivery and Automation Framework (CDAF). Author: Vijay Raghavendran, Distinguished Engineer

Dynamic IP for 5G packet core: Dynamic IP pool chunk allocation for 5G packet core. Authors: Prakash Suthar, Distinguished Engineer, Rajaneesh Shetty, Technical Leader, Ananya Simlai, Technical Leader

4G and 5G Migration and Interworking strategy: A system architecture and methods for interworking and migration between 4G and 5G mobile technologies. Authors: Rajaneesh Shetty, Customer Delivery Architect, Prakash Suthar, Distinguished Engineer, Vivek Agarwal, Director Software Engineering, Anil Jangam, Software Engineer, Technical Leader

When the crowds return, we’ll be ready! A new AP/antenna design for LPV/high density environments. Author: Matt Swartz, Distinguished Engineer

Closed Loop Monitoring Framework for Service Assurance: Framework for service assurance by proactively monitoring and optimizing the health and performance of the end-to-end network services to improve and assure the overall reliability of the network infrastructure and the offered end-user application experience. Authors: Nagendra Kumar Nainar, Principal Engineer, Vijay Raghavendran, Distinguished Engineer, Ankush Arora, Principal Architect

Test Modules That Accelerate Technology Adoption: Creating modules aligned to technology and designs for accelerated deployment. Author: Rafael Muller, Principal Engineer

Cisco Secure Access Services Edge (SASE) Deployment Case Study: Get up-to-speed on practice aspects & lessons learned from large scale Cisco SASE deployment. Authors: Ehab Hadi, Principal Architect, Anthony Sabella, Principal Sales Architect, Azharuddin Mohammed, Customer Delivery Architect, Julieta Mauleon Fernandez, Consulting Engineer, Travis Oke, Security Consulting Engineer, Vahid Afrakhteh, Security Consulting Engineer, Zaheer Aziz, Customer Delivery Architect

We invite you to read and download these white papers.  Be sure to check back for upcoming papers on the Future of Work and Application Intelligence.


Carlos Pignataro

Head of Technology and Data

Engineering Sustainability Office