January 24, 2024


Have you ever been inspired by a teacher?

4 min read

Cisco Networking Academy's 29,700 instructors are dedicated to inspiring learners with IT and digital skills education. Which NetAcad Instructor inspired you? #TagATeacher on International Day of Education

July 5, 2023


The Launchpad: Kickstart Your Learning Journey [Part 1]

3 min read

In the first part of the Launchpad Series, learn how to demonstrate proficiency in Infrastructure as Code, pertaining to the DevNet Expert certification blueprint domain.

May 18, 2023


“Beam me up to the holodeck!”
How holograms are becoming a reality for experiential learning

3 min read

Emerging holographic technology shows fascinating potential for digital learning, with experiential learning environments guiding the transformation to collaborative, reflective, and engaging experiences for learners.

March 3, 2023


Learning as a Lifestyle

5 min read

Learning taught her its most valuable lesson when she least expected it. Akhila shares how she broke down knowledge barriers and transformed her tech career beyond what she thought possible—and how you can, too.

February 28, 2023


Meet Cisco U.
Tech Learning, Shaped to You

2 min read

Cisco's new digital learning experience, Cisco U., is a learning experience built around the learner and designed to work for everyone’s unique journey; with quick-start pre-skill assessments, modular learning, advanced search, and a focus on goal-setting.

January 27, 2023


Empowering Leadership in a VUCA World

3 min read

Future business success requires that we develop our leaders differently. Instead of teaching people by showing examples, we need to teach them in the moment as we tackle trade-off decision-making.

October 12, 2022


5 Ways Cisco Learning Partners Make Your Life Easier

4 min read

Discover the end-to-end learning experience around certifications, solution-based training, content development, and customized training plans with the Cisco Learning Partner Program.

May 17, 2022


How Cisco DNA Assurance Proves It’s ‘Not a Network Issue’

4 min read

Learn how to leverage Cisco Intent-Based Network DNA Assurance to identify network problems before they manifest into critical issues.

April 27, 2022


5 Steps to Virtual Learning Success

6 min read

Whether you want to upskill, reskill, or certify, follow these steps to maximize your learning potential in today's hybrid learning landscape.