In my role, I have the incredible opportunity to meet trailblazing IT leaders just like you every day. Each has told me that in order to continue to innovate and help their organization thrive, they must align technology investments to business priorities and achieve remarkable, tangible results. But they can’t do it alone! IT leaders have also shared with me the need for strategic advisors with deep technical expertise and understanding of their business to inform their decisions and accelerate technology adoption.

In response to what we hear from customers like you, we are continually evolving our Customer Experience (CX) services portfolio. Today, I am excited to announce that we are launching a brand-new outcomes-driven offering – Cisco Lifecycle Services (LCS). These services shift your focus from IT challenges to business outcomes. LCS lets you start with your desired outcomes, then helps you identify and execute IT initiatives aligned to those outcomes, which allows you to demonstrate measurable results. You also get Cisco experts with advanced tools, automation, and AI/ML insights to accelerate time-to-outcomes.

“Companies require IT services that provide the scalability and adaptability to align to changing business and technology needs. Organizations of all sizes and across multiple industries need the ability to orient technology initiatives to discreet business outcomes with measurable KPIs. I believe that Cisco’s new Lifecycle Services is novel in its delivery mechanism to this end and leans into its depth of knowledge and capabilities.
– Will Townsend, VP & Principal Analyst, Moor Insights and Strategy

Focus on Business Outcomes

We understand your business, industry, and technologies. Distilled from over 30 years of experience helping thousands of organizations worldwide, Cisco Lifecycle Services empowers YOU to:

1. Drive business outcomes with continuous engagement.

Let’s say your priority is to reduce risk, enhance customer experience, and increase operational excellence – these are your desired business outcomes (and we have 11 in our catalog). With your desired outcomes as the compass, Cisco experts help you identify and develop IT optimization and transformation strategies. We then work with your team and partners to prioritize, implement, and drive the adoption of these strategies so that you achieve tangible business outcomes.

2. De-risk and accelerate time-to-outcomes.

With this service, you make informed decisions. Our experts have AI/ML insights, tools, and automation to translate telemetry data into actions. You also accelerate time-to-outcomes by removing execution roadblocks. You close skills-gap and talent shortages with Cisco’s team of deep technical experts to fast-track planning, designing, implementing, and automating your IT environment.

3. Demonstrate measurable success.

At the beginning of the engagement, together with you, we identify outcomes aligned KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Next, we use our automated KPI measurement tools and telemetry to create a baseline. Throughout the engagement, Cisco experts track, measure, translate, and report the impact aligned with your desired outcomes.

4. Exercise flexible choices that align with the way you work.

At Cisco, we’re committed to your success. We understand that your organization is unique and has ways of working. With this service, you get the flexibility to engage Cisco experts and our partners in the best way for you.

  • Provide deep and meaningful advice with actionable recommendations.
  • Work with you as part of your team.
  • Do it for you with end-to-end delivery ownership.

And, should your business priorities change during the engagement, we realign the experts and IT initiatives to your new direction.

Simple, consistent, and integrated engagement model

When you choose Cisco and our partners, you expect a simple, consistent, and high-quality experience. Rooted in learnings from our delivery experts and customer feedback, we expect to exceed your expectations with the new engagement model.

  1. Baseline: We begin by understanding your business objectives and tailoring KPIs to align with your goals. Then, we establish a baseline using telemetry and other methods.
  2. Analyze: Using telemetry and high-touch discovery, our experts analyze your IT environment and identify strategies to achieve your desired business outcomes.
  3. Recommend: We make recommendations, help you prioritize IT initiatives, and build an execution plan.
  4. Execute: We and our partners work with you to remove roadblocks to ensure the execution of prioritized initiatives – aligned with the way you work.
  5. Measure: To demonstrate progress consistently, we track, measure, translate, and report KPIs at regular intervals using Automated Dashboard and Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR).

When you start with a business outcome, you know multiple IT initiatives will get you there. It gets complex. With Integrated Service Delivery, our experts handle the complexity and coordinate with your teams, partners, and the Cisco team to keep everyone in sync and focused on the ultimate objective. All you experience is simplicity, consistency, and measurable business outcomes.

Previews surpassed initial expectations.

We organized field trials with select customers to validate our new approach. The initial response surpassed our highest expectations. A broad range of organizations representing service providers, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, finance, education, and the public sector signed up for the preview, and the feedback tells us our impact with outcomes exceeds the value of previous services provided. Now we’re ready to bring this tremendous value to you.

Amplify with Cisco Partners

Cisco Lifecycle Services complements the capabilities and scale of our extensive partner ecosystem. Suppose you are already working with one of our partners. In that case, Cisco Lifecycle Services allows you and the partner to deepen the strategic relationship and achieve greater alignment on your business priorities and the business outcomes you desire. As Cisco and Cisco Partner experts analyze your environment and make recommendations to transform and optimize your IT environment, our flexible model allows you to engage your preferred partners to deliver a variety of implementation and managed services.

Let’s shift the focus from challenges to business outcomes.

To learn how your IT organization can accelerate their ability to deliver new and better business outcomes, visit Cisco Lifecycle Services here. You can also contact your Cisco account representative or authorized partner directly to set up an introductory meeting.


Alistair Wildman

Senior Vice President

Cisco Customer Experience (CX)