I am constantly amazed by the increasingly rapid pace of innovation in areas ranging from AI, security, automation, and sustainability to data privacy, workplace solutions, multi-cloud networking, and more. Successfully adopting some of these incredible technological advancements can be both exhilarating and daunting. Believe me, Cisco Customer Experience (CX) understands this so we’ve built our services portfolio to help you simplify your technology deployment and adoption journey. This will ensure that your business quickly realizes all the amazing benefits from your Cisco technologies for the duration of your product lifecycle. That’s why I am excited to share new enhancements Cisco CX is introducing to increase the business value that you get through your investments and collaboration with Cisco and our partners.

Cisco Success Tracks technology expansion

Now for the news we’ve all been waiting for! As you know, our industry benchmark, the comprehensive suite of customer success services known as Cisco Success Tracks, is delivered via the Cisco CX Cloud unified digital experience platform to empower IT teams to take the powerful step to transition from reactive to proactive and predictive IT operations. We greatly expanded its reach from Campus Network, Cloud Network, Data Center Compute, and Integrated Secure Operations to cover three new areas of your Cisco infrastructure: Wide Area Network (WAN), Cloud Network (Non-Controller), and Collaboration (hardware).

Cisco Success Track for Wide Area Network (WAN) helps our customers with their business imperatives to lower their network costs and remote site deployment time. Through theincredible insights and guidance offered with Success Tracks, they can increase network availability and security and achieve greater bandwidth optimization across their WAN environment.

Cisco Success Track for Cloud Network (Non-Controller) provides the visibility, expert guidance, and trusted support services customers need to better manage cost and risk over their cloud networking assets. This is exciting because it allows more customers who have not deployed a Cisco Intersight controller or a Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) to leverage the benefits of Success Tracks!

Cisco Success Track for Collaboration (hardware) enables customers to reduce device incidents and improve performance and user experience for employees, customers, partners, and other parties with whom they collaborate.

With Success Tracks, our customers are seeing tremendous savings in time and money while experiencing improvements in areas such as lifecycle planning, inventory tracking, software updates, compliance management, support case management, and other IT processes. These recent expansions are our response to customers asking us to broaden the scope of products covered by Success Tracks so that they can realize these same results in other parts of their IT infrastructure.

“The time saved and the visibility from CX Cloud has changed how we manage, respond, and secure the network.”
—Riccardo Bortoletti, Network Administrator, Generali

Growing Cisco Lifecycle Services automation and sustainability capabilities

What I love about Cisco Lifecycle Services is that our amazing customer experience experts work side-by-side with you to help you translate technology initiatives into tangible business outcomes. Customers have recently asked for more help with hot initiatives, such as sustainability and automation, so we extended our services in each area to provide the targeted support needed to deliver the business outcomes for which they’ve been asking.

Cisco Lifecycle Services: Energy Optimization Management now covers data centers as well as campus networks! Using a data-driven methodology to track sustainability metrics and insights, this service will help you discover new ways to optimize data center energy efficiency to drive greater cost savings and support your sustainability initiatives.

Cisco Lifecycle Services: Services as Code has expanded to include SD-WAN. This automation service enables organizations to define elements of an SD-WAN network infrastructure as software, and then version and manage it at scale, resulting in expedited provisioning, deployment, configuration, and testing of their SD-WAN infrastructure.

Our new Cisco Meraki adoption service provides you with advisory and consulting expertise to accelerate the full potential of your Meraki solution. This subscription service focuses on delivering ongoing Meraki adoption, deployment, migration, and architecture expansion expertise to help you increase the ROI of your underlying network implementation and strategic agent placements.

Individually, each of the new service enhancements for Cisco Success Tracks, Cisco Lifecycle Services, and Cisco Meraki adoption, delivers greater visibility, insight, and control to enhance your day-to-day business operations and planning. Collectively, they engender the level of agility and intelligence required for successful digital transformation and other related strategic initiatives.

I want to thank you for all the insights you continue to share with us about what you need to achieve your most important business outcomes. This has really allowed us to develop our services capabilities in ways that will help you transform your business. We are committed to continuing on this path together with you! Contact your Cisco sales representative and/or partner to learn more about these new services.




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Alistair Wildman

Senior Vice President

Cisco Customer Experience (CX)