Last week, we hosted all the remarkable Cisco Sales Champions who were selected to be a part of 2023 Club Cisco. This annual recognition acknowledges the top-performing salespeople and revenue-generating contributors at Cisco who helped us reach our sales goals.

To be in the top 1% chosen to attend Club Cisco as a Sales Champion winner, you must be nominated by leadership and be in the top 10% of the Cisco sales organization or meet qualitative CX performance values. There are approximately 1,200 Sales Champions each year and about 208 individuals are selected for Club Cisco. This year, 16 CX Sales Champions were selected to attend!

Club Cisco provides a unique opportunity for winners to come together with executive hosts and our Cisco executive leadership team. Throughout the week, winners are recognized for their accomplishments and share their stories of success, overcoming obstacles, and growth opportunities.

It was a pleasure to attend Club Cisco last week to meet with each of our CX winners. I am incredibly proud of their achievements. They consistently demonstrate their dedication to the Cisco mission and deliver industry-leading customer experience. I look forward to continuing our conversations about how Cisco CX can keep empowering them to deliver exceptional results.

On behalf of Cisco and CX, I would like to personally acknowledge each of our 2023 CX winners for being shining examples of Cisco’s Guiding Principles and role models.

Please join me in congratulating these outstanding salespeople and contributors!


2023 Customer Experience (CX) Club Cisco Winners at the Four Seasons in Kona, Hawaii

Jordan Adair – CX Leader, Renewals

Jordan Hedges – CX Enterprise Renewals Manager

Yoshihiko Ishihara – CX Renewals Manager

Sydney Moss – CX Renewals Manager

Neela Pardal – CX Security Renewals Specialist

Martin Rowley – CX Renewals Manager

Jesseca Stinchcomb – CX Renewals Manager

Maxime Vanwynsberghe – CX Renewal Manager – Public & Enterprise Sector

Julianne Vella – CX Renewals Manager – Enterprise Accounts

Kenji Chishima – CX Customer Program Manager

Akshay Dubey – CX Senior Technical Leader – Customer Delivery Engineering

Anis Edavalath – CX Principal Architect

Roy Gowler – CX Customer Success Executive

Snowber Khan – CX Customer Delivery Architect – Enterprise Solutions

Stefan-Alexandru Manza – CX Principal Architect – Technology and Transformation Group

Vinod Morsa – CX Customer Delivery Architect


Alistair Wildman

Senior Vice President

Cisco Customer Experience (CX)