In an era where businesses are embracing the vital role of sustainability, Cisco Customer Experience (CX) is here to support you on your sustainability journey. We’re thrilled to share we are expanding our sustainability services and weaving environmental solutions into the fabric of our offers. Through Cisco Lifecycle Services and individual assessments, we’re now providing services that demonstrate how invested we are in helping you succeed in your sustainability goals.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Our journey toward sustainability is marked by significant achievements that initially helped Cisco shape, scale, and sustain our transformation. Cisco’s dedication to environmentally responsible practices resulted in a 41% reduction in our data center floor space and a remarkable $1.5 million in savings through reusing materials reclaimed after data center closures between 2019 and 2021. Moreover, our commitment to clean energy is evident, with 100% of Cisco’s U.S. data center electricity and 72% of global data center electricity obtained from renewable sources.

The core of all these efforts reflects our holistic approach to sustainability. From how we run our business and interact with suppliers to how we guide customers and communities to reduce their environmental footprint and adapt to a changing world — it’s all interconnected.

Expanded Services for Sustainability

Cisco CX leverages our experience to provide a comprehensive approach and guide you through a sustainable transformation journey to achieve measurable outcomes. Our sustainability offers listed below provide a range of services designed to align your technology investments with your sustainability vision while also reducing costs.

  • Sustainability Priority Assessment Advisory Service—Bridge the gap between your current sustainability priorities and future business goals with an executable roadmap. This service enables you to conduct a capability maturity assessment, addressing sustainability imperatives and defining a workable roadmap.
  • Energy Optimization Assessment Advisory Service—We provide energy measurement and expert consulting to optimize energy utilization aligned with your business and sustainability goals. This service offers near real-time data observability, a recommended improvement plan, and a roadmap with actionable insights.
  • Cisco Lifecycle Services Energy Optimization ManagementInitially covering campus (Meraki) architecture, this service is expanding to include energy optimization management for data centers and service providers. Gain a direct view of IT asset consumption, align energy efficiency, and reduce costs across the Meraki campus, data center environment, and for service providers.

Ecosystem of Partnerships for a Sustainable Future

With an ecosystem of partners, we aim to support businesses at every stage of their sustainability journey. Our lifecycle approach, enhanced by AI/ML, automation, telemetry, and guided expertise, provides flexibility and choice to empower organizations to identify, accelerate, and measure the impact of their sustainability technology initiatives.

Fostering Sustainability Together

Just like you, we are deeply committed to building a sustainable future. As one of the world’s largest providers of cloud, networking, hybrid work, and security technologies, we leverage our scale, years of telemetry insight, and innovation to ensure our increasingly digital future is sustainable, equitable, and resilient.

Together, let’s work toward creating a sustainable future for all. For more information on how Cisco Sustainability Services can empower your organization, contact your Cisco sales representative and learn more about Cisco CX Services and Cisco Lifecycle Services.


Alistair Wildman

Senior Vice President

Cisco Customer Experience (CX)