The World Has Changed – Security Should Transform to Stay Ahead

The World Has Changed – Security Should Transform to Stay Ahead

Disruption creates two distinct sets of challenges for security professionals. The security team has to keep up with strategic IT demands, and do daily battle with a sophisticated threat landscape.

Scaling Virtual Consultations

Scaling Virtual Consultations

The healthcare landscape is quickly changing and we’re entering a new era of patient-centered care delivery - one that is not bound by location.

Distance Learning Expands with Webex Education Connector in Learning Management Systems

Distance Learning Expands with Webex Education Connector in Learning Management Systems

Cisco Webex Education Connector enables a seamlessly integrated experience to transform classroom learning to online learning.

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August 7, 2020


Threat Roundup for July 31 to August 7

Today, Talos is publishing a glimpse into the most prevalent threats we’ve observed between July 31 and August 7. As with previous roundups, this post isn’t meant to be an in-depth analysis. Instead, this post will summarize the threats we’ve observed by highlighting key behavioral characteristics, indicators of compromise, and discussing how our customers are […]

August 7, 2020


Preparing for the Unpredictable: Imagining a Data Security and Privacy Platform

With stricter privacy regulations, evolving customer expectations, and growing work-from-home demands, organizations need a simple way to know, see, and manage their data. Luckily, Cisco Security has a few ideas.

Cisco interns: How current events changed their perspective

There have been a lot of changes, and many internship programs went remote this year. Lorna Brown shares her experiences at Cisco as an HRUP Program intern and reflects on the impact these past few months have had on herself and graduate intern Jose Avalos.

August 7, 2020


Business Resiliency Redefined

In IT, the need to redefine business resiliency is stunningly clear. Disaster recovery, business continuity solutions, data center redundancy, cloud backups, threat detection and mitigation, etc. – until today, resiliency meant ensuring that applications and data would be always available and secure.

August 7, 2020


How 15 Graduates Made an Impact in One Week

15 graduates, including Nico Hoffmann, went to visit a refugee camp in Calais to help provide necessities while using their 40 volunteer hours.

Retail podcast: business resiliency for tomorrow’s consumer

Convenience drives decisions for both consumers and retailers alike. Digital experiences enable overall business resiliency, and in this first episode of our podcast, "Conversations and coffee" we are diving into the key innovation areas for retail organizations today.

5G Core and Cloud Native are Changing the Mobile Game

As service providers eye network upgrades to satisfy new demands for 5G, there are several important decisions to ponder. One of the biggest questions is whether to build onto your existing 4G network as a Non-Standalone (NSA) or jump in with a Standalone (SA) network packet core to position yourself as an industry leader well into the future. The future is here, and we are fortunate to be a part of building it!

August 6, 2020


Simplify IoT Edge-to-Multi-Cloud Data Flow with Cisco Edge Intelligence

New DevNet sandbox and learning lab teaches you how to leverage Edge Intelligence orchestration software to connect to devices across connectivity types, and easily provision and manage the extraction of data. Give it a try!

August 6, 2020


After Five Years of FlashStack Success, It’s Time for the Next Five

Cisco and Pure have never been more tightly aligned than we are right now—in development, in building solutions, and in selling—across our shared channel. The next five years will leverage the fundamentals and continue to modernize and transform the customer experience.