Hannover Messe is an event focused on “what’s next” for manufacturers. It’s an opportunity to showcase our innovation, sustainability, and business value. This year, we featured over 50 theater sessions helping manufacturers tackle their biggest challenges. The different sessions leveraged topics like advanced manufacturing operations, workforce enablement, industrial security and sustainability. Despite the wide array of topics, four themes resonated throughout each day of the event. Here’s what I saw.

Cisco and Splunk

Cisco and Splunk are bolstering digital robustness in manufacturing with end-to-end visibility, empowering swift responses to security threats and ensuring operational continuity. Amidst unpredictable supply chain challenges and advanced cyber threats, their collaboration raises the bar for security in IT and plant operations. Splunk’s solutions offer insights to preemptively mitigate downtime, strengthen defenses beyond the network perimeter, and fast-track digital transformation efforts.

Enabling smart manufacturing within Industry 4.0

Cisco’s industrial connectivity solutions enable robust and secure data exchange between machines and sensors in manufacturing environments, supporting the real-time communication required for Industry 4.0. their industrial security platforms protect against cyber threats, ensuring the safety and integrity of networked industrial systems. Cisco’s technologies facilitate the integration of AI, machine learning, and big data analytics, allowing for predictive maintenance and operational optimization. These solutions enable a smart manufacturing ecosystem that is secure, efficient, and ready for the challenges of Industry 4.0. Cisco’s infrastructure provides the backbone for a connected, intelligent factory floor, empowering manufacturers to improve productivity and reduce downtime.

Workforce Enablement with AiOps and Remote Expert

Cisco’s AiOps solutions empower manufacturing IT teams by using AI to predict and prevent operational issues, thereby optimizing decision-making and automating routine tasks for a more efficient workforce in Industry 4.0 settings. Additionally, Cisco’s collaboration tools provide a “Remote Expert” solution, allowing specialists to offer real-time support to factory personnel from remote locations, which is invaluable for complex troubleshooting and immediate expert guidance. These technologies ensure that the workforce is equipped to handle the sophisticated and interconnected nature of modern industrial environments.

Sustainability is key

Cisco champions sustainability by infusing it into their culture and enhancing networking solutions for energy efficiency in global industries. Their smart networks offer increased visibility and control over energy usage and environmental impact. Collaborating with Rockwell Automation, Cisco’s innovative solutions address water management, conserve energy, and expedite repairs. At Hannover Messe 2024, Cisco had a spotlight on sustainable manufacturing, supply chain resilience, and robust cybersecurity across all sectors, including intelligent buildings, water management, and EV charging systems.

Your trusted technology partner in manufacturing

If you had the chance to stop by our booth, thank you! The conversations and face-to-face interactions I had with our customers, peers, and partners were nothing short of inspiring. We learned a lot too! Cisco is doing some incredible work driving true outcomes for our customers, and Hannover Messe 2024 was a great showcase of where we can go from here.

I hope you enjoyed our theater sessions and our demo areas. For all our Cisco Hannover content, I encourage you to visit our microsite.


Carlos Rojas

Global Industry Lead