August 9, 2016


Made in America…Again!

2 min read

If manufacturers can drive unnecessary cost out of their processes, they can bring back the jobs. Here are 8 innovative strategies to help.

Segment Routing is crossing the chasm with real live deployments!

2 min read

As stated in my previous blog on Segment Routing, 2016 marks an inflexion point in Segment Routing adoption. I’m not making this claim in a vacuum. This is actually grounded on multiple Service Providers’ feedback expressed during a Tech Field Day event on Segment Routing held last week in San Jose. Tech Field Day brought […]

May 21, 2015


Three Things I Learned at the OpenStack Summit – Day 3

4 min read

Want to liven up a boring conversation? Bring up OpenStack appliances. That will get people talking. In an enthusiastic manner. With vigorously-defended opinions. The appliances talk was by far the most interesting one I went to all day. And you’d think that with the panel consisting entirely of people whose companies offer or are planning […]

March 12, 2013


Social Media Is Like Gelato In A Cone #CiscoSMT #SocialSavvy

3 min read

Last week I spoke at an event and the definition of social media came up. Some people refer to social networking tools when they speak of social media while others refer to the notion of engagement and content on the web. I’m more of a “gelato in a cone” kinda gal. I view social media as […]