Lee Van Ginkel

DevOps and Automation Guy

Federal DevOps Team

Lee Van Ginkel is a long time Cisco employee with a highly diversified background. He started as an engineer, spent time as an account manager, and is currently a member of the Federal DevOps team, focused on implementing customer use cases using infrastructure-as-code and opensource tools. He is unsure if he has passion for automation or just loathes manual processes, but regardless at the heart of his professional drive is his love for helping the customer and solving complex problems. When he’s not plugged into the matrix, Lee is spending time with his family, breaking old cars or motorcycles, and growing avocados. See Lee's contributons on GitHub.


April 22, 2024


Transforming Operations to Eliminate Technical Debt

5 min read

Discover the four steps to transforming your agency's technical debt to speed modernization and enhance mission innovation.