Service Provider IoT Solutions Can Drive Digitization

2 min read

A major opportunity exists for Service Providers to provide secure connectivity and signaling from IoT devices back to a multi-access core with unified policy, charging and service capabilities.

Now IT service providers are data brokers

2 min read

Times are changing in the telecommunications industry. More people, devices and things are connected than ever before. And because of that, there’s a highly lucrative data boom. Mobile network operators and other service providers have the opportunity to go beyond their traditional roles and make the most of this information. Now’s the time to start […]

7 Use Cases for Wireless Technology in Oil & Gas

2 min read

I often meet with customers about the first and easiest way to use IoT in an industrial domain: by deploying wireless technology. We have identified 7 main Oil + Gas use cases for the deployment of RF technology (especially WiFi).

3 Ways Cisco is Enhancing the Industrial IoT

5 min read

As the Internet of Things (IoT) gains widespread adoption, we now have the opportunity to accelerate business outcomes. Whether a business needs to create agile supply chains, automate manufacturing processes, or reduced operating costs, Cisco Industrial IoT solutions and products make it easier to innovate, boost productivity and derive value from IoT data. The new […]

IoT Connectivity Goes Low Powered and Long Distance

2 min read

With the announcement of the Cisco Solution for LoRAWAN™, Service Providers have an integrated solution that enables them to extend their network reach to where they’ve never gone before – i.e., offering IoT services for devices and sensors that are battery powered, have low data rates and long distance communications requirements. The solution opens new […]

Low Power Wide Area: LoRa – Emerging IoT Technology Accelerating Service Provider and Smart City Services

2 min read

The Internet of Things (IoT) is accelerating the Digital World. All Connected things however, don’t have the same characteristics in terms of connectivity, bandwidth capacity and deployment. Until recently, the range of wide area connectivity technologies for M2M and IoT applications were largely limited to powered devices over cellular and WiFi. As cities become digital, […]