Rene Pluis

Senior Manager, Global Industry Energy

As Global Manager Global Energy Industry, René Pluis is part of the Global Energy vertical group at Cisco. He focuses on global business development and strategic marketing for energy industry solutions, to stimulate ‘net new’ growth and profitability for Cisco and that help Cisco’s support energy customers as they shape the future of their industry. The Energy vertical in Cisco includes the Oil & Gas and Utility Industries.

René Pluis has been with Cisco since 2004 and has held several roles ranging from Customer Solution Architect in the pre-sales organization to Embedded Enterprise Architect in the delivery organization. After working at a large IOC for a few years he moved to his current role. For more than 5 years he has been focusing on ‘Industrial Networks’, with a main focus on the Oil & Gas vertical but expanding to other ‘industrial network’ verticals like manufacturing, mining, shipping, etc. as well. No matter which customer he always is trying to map the customer’s business imperatives to supporting solutions.

Prior to joining Cisco in 2004 Pluis worked at several consultancy firms like Capgemini, and Atos Origin. Prior to that Pluis worked at a company making HIS / PACS solutions for several years while he started his working career in the academic world of University of Leiden and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Pluis is a graduate from the Poly-technical University in Haarlem, The Netherlands, with a Master’s Degree in Electric Engineering – Technical Computer Sciences and a graduate from the University of Leiden, The Netherlands, with a Master’s Degree in Medical Informatics – Analysis of Biomedical Signals. He worked on his thesis at the Human Genome project while working at MIT in Boston.

He further has both an MBA and an MBI from the Erasmus University / Rotterdam School of Management, both in Rotterdam the Netherlands.

Pluis has also several professional certifications among others the GISSP – Global Information Systems Security Professional and GICSP – Global Industries Cyber Security Professional focused on cyber security management in both Enterprise and Industrial environments.

He is fluent in Dutch and English and has a working understanding of French and German.


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