Episode 7: Global panel, brand authenticity & blockchain

1 min read

Blockchain is a key solution for Retail IT, as retailers look to capitalize on consumers' preference for brands that give them confidence in buying their products.

February 27, 2018


Together is Better, In Person and Virtually

3 min read

Raquel and Celia share about their virtual all-hands and how this helped with team bonding, as well as how it showed what recruiters look for in future Cisco employees.

Internet Security Necessary for Global Technology Economy

3 min read

Today’s security challenges are real and significant.  We want governments to detect and disrupt terrorist networks before they inflict harm on our society, our citizens, and our systems of government.   We also want to live in countries that respect their citizens’ basic human rights.  The tension between security and freedom has become one the most pressing […] is a Top Global Enterprise Site

1 min read has been featured by industry research firm ByteLevel Research as “Best Global Enterprise Technology Website” in their latest ‘Global By Design” installment focusing on globalization web practices in tech B2B. ByteLevel Research is the author of the annual Globalization Digital Scorecard, where was ranked #4 worldwide in 2013 among such peers as Adobe, GE, […]

January 28, 2013


The Internet of Everything Has Begun

1 min read

When most people think of their early experiences with the internet, the memory comes with a sound: the scratchy noise of a dial-up modem. What a long way we’ve come. We have gone from clumsy desktop computing to a world of mobile computing with smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Businesses can interact with customers real-time through […]