September 26, 2019


A Powerful Digital Solution for Total Health

In a world where everything is digital and personal health is the holy grail, Cure.Fit is utilizing Cisco Meraki to do both with the help of Cisco Partner Athena IT & Telecom Solutions.

January 10, 2019


Are You Guilty of Sitting Too Much?

Cheryl shares how she learned that "sitting is the new smoking" and ways she creates more movement to her day - and how you can too!

October 19, 2017


Cisco is the Reason, Not the Excuse to Stay Fit

Amanda shares why she was scared to take a full time job at Cisco, but found that it was even more beneficial to her running ambitions as she chased down the Boston Marathon.

February 28, 2017


How Mary Poppins Found her Inner Wonder Woman

How an optimist turned into an adventurer, and Mary Poppins became Wonder Woman through the Pavelka Way!

May 12, 2016


Cisco Nigeria – Working it Out vs. Sitting in Traffic

After a day of innovating at work, one of the last things many people want to do is sit in traffic...

November 8, 2013


My IoE World: Starting the Day Fit and Connected

Introduction It’s mind-boggling to see the speed at which people, process, data, and things are becoming more and more connected. The Internet of Everything (IoE) world is already happening.  But what does that world really look and feel like in our daily lives?  How are our everyday experiences changing as a result? How is it […]

In the Internet of Everything, “Everything” Includes YOU

You wake up feeling rested thanks to systems that “know” the best temperatures and lighting for your personal sleep patterns. While brushing your teeth, a smart (very smart) mirror tracks your vital signs and pronounces all systems go. It then suggests a high-protein breakfast, since the intensive financial analysis on that day’s calendar will demand […]