Jean Kerr

Head Leadership and Team Intelligence


Jean Kerr is head of Leadership and Team Intelligence for EMEAR Cisco. Based in Scotland Jean works predominantly in EMEAR region but does have some global project responsibility giving her a very broad insight across Cisco and it’s very many business functions. A self confessed change geek Jean has always been fascinated by the role of leaders in the process of change and so is entirely geeked out by her current role within Cisco which she describes here.

"Cisco is changing the experience for employees through a complete rethink of HR and how we work, as I enter my fourth year at the company my day job has never been more exciting. As part of the Leadership and Team Intelligence organisation my remit - big picture - is to make more teams like our best teams. As remits go - it's clear, it's focussed and although not simple it's incredibly interesting. From enabling EMEAR wide digital platforms in service of teams through to seeking out excellence in all corners of the business, the variety and scope of my role is incredibly exciting. All of us are part of a team, we experience an organisation through a team and although the context may change across a business the challenges teams face have a great deal of commonality, one of which is enabling every member of the team to play to their strengths every day. Exciting times.”

Living in Wemyss Bay with her husband David, daughter Iona and Tibetan Terrier Bella means that when not travelling Jean can enjoy the great outdoors – in all weather. A recent opportunity to be part of a groundbreaking Wellbeing initiative in Cisco has taken her love of the outdoors to new heights as Jean scaled the UK’s tallest mountain, Ben Nevis, in September of this year having never attempted any more than two flights of stairs prior to that!


February 28, 2017


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