Cheryl A Slaughter

PgM / Project Manager

GES West

Cheryl Slaughter has had a varied career at Cisco for the past 10+ years. Starting as a Data Analyst for AT&T in Richardson, TX in early Dec 2007, she has worked in various capacities for ENT South, GES, the PMO, Service Provider and is currently working in the Seattle area as a PgM/Project Manager.

She has been an integral part of the Global I&C Trivia contests, working with our Cisco executives to create the questions and PowerPoints. Cheryl is part of the International Habitat for Humanity Bellevue team that recently went to Filandia, CO last year and is scheduled for the Dominican Republic this year.

Blessed, or cursed, with a wicked sense of humor, Cheryl just doesn’t give up, preferring instead to seek out-of-the box alternatives to complex problems. Putting her team and customer first, she has handled a range of engagements to successful completions.

In her off time, Cheryl enjoys going on several ski trips a year, and traveling in general. She is also an active Homebrewer and paints for fun. Cheryl keeps busy with her dogs and chickens and lives with her fiancé in Lake Stevens, WA. She is working with the homeless of Everett providing clothing and meals.


January 9, 2020


Make Your Bed the Cisco Way

3 min read

Cheryl was inspired by Admiral McRaven's "Make Your Bed" speech to see how she can apply this to her work on Cisco's Customer Experience team.

January 10, 2019


Are You Guilty of Sitting Too Much?

3 min read

Cheryl shares how she learned that "sitting is the new smoking" and ways she creates more movement to her day - and how you can too!