It’s mind-boggling to see the speed at which people, process, data, and things are becoming more and more connected. The Internet of Everything (IoE) world is already happening.  But what does that world really look and feel like in our daily lives?  How are our everyday experiences changing as a result? How is it helping us attain our goals and desired outcomes?

To answer these questions, we need to take a step back to understand a few critical elements.  First, IoE is coming at us like a freight train, but it may not be evident because it’s happening in silos and with very specific technologies and applications.  To appreciate how much activity is going on in this space, it’s critical to begin looking at the IoE landscape in specific segments. Here are two things that can help:

  1. A video of an interview I conducted with Rick Smolan, author of “The Human Face of Big Data,” in which Rick provides some great insights and examples of life in a connected world.
  2. This mind-bending chart that details different horizontals, verticals, and building blocks to help you explore and examine the evolution of IoE.


As you can see, there is a lot of activity already happening in the IoE world, but the major disruptions and true value will occur when these silos of technology converge. At that moment, shared data will be captured, analyzed, and converted into insight and wisdom.

Over the next few months, I’ll be publishing a series of fun blogs that will look at IoE through multiple lenses with the goal of helping us imagine what it can be like living in this hyper-connected world. To do this, you’ll be joining me on a morning jog through NY City. During the run, we’ll be creating connections with all kinds of people, places, and things. Some of these devices, connections, and capabilities are real now – and some are yet to come. (See if you’ll be able to spot the difference.)

Starting the Day Fit and Connected

As I prepare for my jog, what technologies can help me monitor health and fitness levels while also keeping me connected to home and work?

Biometric devices and remote health monitoring:  I believe in taking a proactive approach to my health. And with wearable electronics, that’s easy. Biometric devices, like my watch and bio-stamp, have advanced sensors that can generate valuable data and provide around-the-clock wireless health monitoring. The watch has already captured sleep quality from last night and logged my resting heart rate.  As I begin my exercise, it will monitor and record my perspiration, skin temperature, steps taken, calories burned, and active heart rate.  I’ll also be wearing a bio-stamp that monitors my blood pressure and other vitals, also allowing my doctor to remotely monitor my activity.  All of this information will provide valuable insights into my health and activity behavior and help keep me at the top of my game.

Virtual coach: Wearable computing will soon become the norm. I’m checking today’s schedule through my augmented reality glasses. There’s only time for a 45-minute run this morning so, with the help of my virtual coach, a particular workout and route is being suggested to fit that timeframe and help me meet my personal goals and preferred intensity level.   The route for today’s outing is being uploaded, and my coach will be there with me for my entire run, giving me feedback and encouragement.

Smart home automation: In setting out for a jog, my home will be able to place itself in energy-efficient modes. Advances in home automation and smart homes make that possible. For example, the intelligent thermostat learns my preferences, senses when there’s no one in the house, and automatically adjusts the temperature accordingly. And my personal wireless lighting system adjusts lighting levels or turns them off when I leave.  And I can control it all from my glasses while I’m on the run.

The power of connectivity is all around us. Our lives and businesses are being “rebooted” and changed exponentially through technology. How do you think it will impact your life? Share your comments here and let’s see how the IoE world unfolds.  And watch for my next post to see what else can happen during a daily jog when we connect the previously unconnected.