With the SecureX End of Life (EoL) quickly approaching on July 31, 2024, we want to ensure you have accurate information on how you will be able to continue accessing Cisco Secure Client Cloud Management capabilities. Client Management capabilities are not going away as part of the SecureX EOL, the functionality is simply migrating to the Cisco Security Cloud Control service.

Cisco Secure Client is our security endpoint agent which contains many capabilities you may know by its features, such as AnyConnect, Secure Endpoint, Umbrella, ISE Posture, and Network Visibility. The ability to manage Secure Client deployments, inclusive of configurations and software updates, is key to successful installations.

The standalone Cisco Secure Client application will transfer existing orgs and data from SecureX to the new Secure Client experience. It now uses the Cisco Design system matching Meraki, Cisco XDR, Secure Access, etc. From this Client dashboard, user may review metrics and search for devices with deployments.

Awareness of a client’s installation status and version allows organizations to understand when systems are running out-of-date software. The ability to create agent deployment packages allows organizations to simplify packaging the software for initial deployment. This brief demo explains how Secure Client transitions into a stand-alone application that will transfer existing orgs and data from SecureX.

All customers entitled to Cisco Secure Client are eligible to use Secure Client Cloud Management via Cisco Security Cloud Control. Existing customers will be transitioned from accessing these capabilities via SecureX to Cisco Security Cloud Control as part of this transition without any interruption to end users. All capabilities for managing Secure Client will continue to be available after the transition including client management, visibility into enrolled endpoints, creating client deployment packages, and maintaining client profiles. Device Insights capabilities are not part of Secure Client Cloud Management and will not be available in the new interface.

If you have not previously deployed Secure Client Management capabilities and are a licensed Secure Client customer who would like to do so, please contact the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) and they will help you get set up.

The new Secure Client Cloud Management experience will continue to evolve after this transition, and we’re excited about what the future holds for this solution. For additional information on the new experience or migration, please review our SecureX EOL webinar or contact your Cisco Account/Partner Team.

We also invite you to learn more about Cisco XDR, our cloud-based Extended Detection and Response solution that simplifies security operations, providing a streamlined approach to quickly detect, prioritize, and respond to sophisticated threats.

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Pete Davis

Principal Product Manager

Threat Detection & Response