Rajat Gulati

Leader, Product Management

Cisco Security

Rajat Gulati is a Leader of Product Management in Cisco’s Security Business Group. Rajat and his team focus on Cisco XDR Integrations with both Cisco and third-party products. Prior to joining the XDR team, Rajat worked in Cisco’s Secure Analytics portfolio, and oversaw numerous integrations including with Cisco’s Firewall portfolio. Rajat is an alumnus of the Haas School of Business at University of California, Berkeley and a former Surface Warfare Officer with the Navy. He lives with his spouse, son, and dog in the San Francisco Bay Area and works out of Cisco’s San Jose Headquarters in California.


June 6, 2024


Securing Meraki Networks with Cisco XDR

3 min read

Discover how the Cisco XDR and Meraki MX integration provides advanced threat detection and network insights. Join us at Cisco Live 2024 for a demo.

October 22, 2019


Hit the Simple Button to Solve Complex Security Problems

7 min read

This blog speaks about the power of the Cisco Security Analytics and Logging solution, which provides automated breach detection and visibility, combining telemetry from both perimeter and internal network sources.

July 31, 2018


“MUD” Enhances IoT Endpoint Security with Zero Clicks

3 min read

Security concerns can block adoption of IoT devices in enterprises. MUD, a Cisco pioneered open standard approved by the IETF, offers a solution.