Rajat Gulati

Product Manager, Engineering

Product Management

Rajat Gulati is a Product Manager at Cisco, and has most recently been involved in scaling the open standard based MUD solution to the larger IoT ecosystem.

He led the team that developed and hosted the MUD DevNet portal, with the aim of educating the IoT and Security communities of Cisco’s thought leadership in this space, as well as ease the adoption journey of the technology for device manufacturers and enterprises with IoT endpoints deployed on their networks.

Rajat is a military veteran, and an Alum of the Haas School of Business (MBA) and Cochin University of Science and Technology (MS).


October 22, 2019


Hit the Simple Button to Solve Complex Security Problems

7 min read

This blog speaks about the power of the Cisco Security Analytics and Logging solution, which provides automated breach detection and visibility, combining telemetry from both perimeter and internal network sources.

July 31, 2018


“MUD” Enhances IoT Endpoint Security with Zero Clicks

3 min read

Security concerns can block adoption of IoT devices in enterprises. MUD, a Cisco pioneered open standard approved by the IETF, offers a solution.