Scott McGregor

Director, Social Justice Action Office

Social Impact Office

Scott A. McGregor is a 16-year Cisco veteran and leads the Social Justice Action Office. Prior to this role he led Cisco’s $150M investment in Historically Black Colleges and Universities in partnership with the Student Freedom Initiative. In conjunction with this effort, he is also leading a rural broadband initiative centered around HBCUs and other minority-serving institutions. He has also supported Cisco’s talent initiative for HBCUs since 2011.


February 20, 2024


Social Justice: a global perspective

3 min read

As Cisco moves forward in our social justice journey, we're expanding our perspective to help frame social justice in a way that resonates globally. Framing social justice as access, equity, participation, and human rights allows us to transcend the notion that social justice is simply about race.

Making bold moves for HBCUs

2 min read

Cisco made a US$150 million commitment to preserve the legacy and sustainability of HBCUs through Social Justice Action 8.

Dream. Plan. Execute: Stirring up magic with our first-ever entrepreneurship award for HBCUs

4 min read

The Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge is a competition that awards cash prizes to early-stage technology entrepreneurs solving the world's social and environmental problems. This year, we are also offering a HBCU Startup Prize.

January 21, 2020


3 Lessons My Cisco Interns Taught Me

3 min read

Scott shares 3 lessons his Cisco Sales Interns taught him on the inter-generational workforce and why our future is so bright!