This week marks the 10th year anniversary of our annual Cisco Contact Center Summit event and we’re gathered here in beautiful Miami Florida with Cisco sellers, partners and customers to learn about the latest innovations to our Cisco Contact Center portfolio.

I’m thrilled to share some of the exciting announcements we are making today at the event, that further demonstrate our leadership in the global contact center market, and the value that Cisco brings to our customers with a comprehensive Collaboration suite that includes contact center, calling, meetings, collaboration and devices.

We’ve Been Busy!

We’ve made some pretty significant enhancements to our industry-leading Webex Contact Center to support the needs of larger contact centers around the world, improve agent and customer experiences, and simplify management of our Webex platform. Here are the highlights of this announcement:

Announcement Highlights

Enterprise-grade voice
Webex Contact Center is being integrated with Webex Calling, providing enterprise-class voice to cloud contact centers, improving call quality while simplifying the purchasing, implementation, and management process.

Increased scalability
Webex Contact Center can now scale up to 3,000 agents per tenant with unlimited tenants per system, meeting the needs of mid to large size contact centers in the cloud. Improved capacity allows our customers to flexibly scale up and down as their business demands, while optimizing resources and overall performance.

Global availability
We are opening new data centers in the UK and Australia which means we can now provide local data residency and compliance for customers in those regions, and better meet the needs of global organizations.

Cognitive conversational IVR self-service experience
We also announced a new conversational IVR self-service for Webex Contact Center, which provides customers who are calling in to a contact center an intuitive self-service experience over the phone, improving call containment in the IVR and customer satisfaction.

Improved omni-channel experience
We’ve introduced new email and chat capabilities for interactions between agents and customers using the Webex Teams platform. These enhancements include an easy experience to create chat bubbles, integrate with customer virtual assistant bots, escalate an ongoing chat to voice or video chat, and out-of-the-box customer email features for Gmail and Office365.

Revamped agent desktop experience
74% of contact center executives believe the agent experience has a major impact on customer experience. For this reason, we’ve redesigned the Webex Contact Center agent desktop to create a more positive agent experience that improves their productivity, while reducing fatigue. The new UI enables agents to have more intelligent and cognitive customer interactions and aligns with the look and feel of Webex for a consistent experience across the Webex portfolio.

Management simplification
We’re making it much easier for customers to manage all of this by bringing provisioning and administration of Webex Contact Center into the intuitive Webex Control Hub. This provides customers with one centralized management experience for all Webex products, and enables faster, simpler tenant and SIP trunk onboarding and provisioning, reducing complexity, saving time and improving IT productivity.

Closing Thoughts

With these new Webex Contact Center capabilities, Cisco is marking the next step in realizing our vision to deliver the most personalized customer experiences, that ultimately improve customer loyalty and lifetime value.


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