Tony Shakib

No Longer with Cisco

Tony Shakib was the Vice President of Cisco’s IoE Vertical Solutions Engineering organization, responsible for advancing Cisco’s Internet of Everything (IoE) Digital Platform by applying deep customer understanding to develop and sell successful industry-specific solutions. Cisco’s Digital Platform helps customers make the transformation to a digital business by rapidly light up dark assets, use data analytics to delivery key business insights, and create highly automated, scalable, and intelligent applications.

Shakib drives the CTO function exploring and evaluating leading-edge technologies including sensors, security, converged networks, big data analytics, cloud computing, and IoE applications for Cisco’s IoT architecture. He is responsible for leading Cisco’s IoE solution architecture and engineering effort to integrate Cisco technologies including networking, data center, mobility, collaboration, security, and cloud computing – as well as third-party solutions from Cisco’s ISV partner community to create rapid customer prototypes, pilots, and Cisco validated solutions.

Shakib and his team have extensive subject matter expertise in industries including manufacturing, government, retail, energy (oil & gas), transportation, public safety, mining, utilities, lighting, sports and entertainment, and healthcare. This expertise is crucial to developing deep insights into customer needs and business outcomes that help to shape the solutions Cisco delivers. He and his team contribute to solutions sales by engaging key accounts that deliver large opportunities through Cisco sales, partners, and consulting channels.

Previously at Cisco, Shakib was Vice President of Cisco’s Americas Service Provider Architectures and Vice President of Service Provider for the Cisco Emerging Markets group.

Shakib has more than 27 years of senior leadership experience in global, high-technology companies. Before joining Cisco, he was President and CEO of Zensys, a provider of low-power mesh networking wireless technology. He also held the positions of Vice President and General Manager of Access and Networking for Centillium Communications and was CEO at AOptix Technologies. Previously, Shakib spent 18 years at Nortel Networks leading the broadband access and access networks engineering business units.

Shakib holds a bachelor of science degree in computer engineering from McMaster and Brock Universities in Ontario, Canada.


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