CF imageTShakibManufacturing is entering a new digital era, with more opportunity for mass customization, reduced downtime, and increased innovation. Manufacturers are capturing the value of the Internet of Everything (IoE) by becoming digital. Many are taking their first steps in this transformation by adopting Ethernet to connect plant floor devices to better manage operation and supply chain workflows, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. This digital transformation, however, creates greater exposure to cyberattacks. As a result, mitigating security threats has never been more important.

CFTShakib2Traditionally, security has been more of an afterthought than a component of business strategy. Even now it is usually addressed without consideration of the escalating exposure of today’s largely unprotected plants. Typical security strategies are to block connections completely or to limit the factory to outdated or obscure systems that reduce the likelihood of the latest cyberattack maneuvers.

The advent of the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) now makes secure connectivity between people, processes, data and things a necessity. Instead of acting as an isolating wall of defense, security in this new digitized environment needs to enable trusted connections to allow the necessary flow of information required by agile product innovation. Factories must approach security holistically and establish secure connections with third-party vendors, supply chain partners, and remote employees. A more comprehensive approach will lead to better protected plants — from the factory floor to the enterprise, and beyond.

This week we announced how Cisco’s Connected Factory solution provides manufacturers with the ability to address the specific security risks of IoE deployments from a holistic perspective. Learn more about how Cisco Connected Factory solution enables trusted connections and mitigates security threats to unlock faster time to market.

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Tony Shakib

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