Robert Dimicco

Senior Director

Advanced Services

Global leader and founder of Cisco’s Cloud Consumption and Broker Services Practice which enables the adoption of cloud services; SaaS, IaaS and XaaS. The SaaS products and professional services solve for shadow IT by discovering and managing cloud usage, spend, business risk and lifecycle of assets in public, hybrid and private clouds.

Bob was previously in Cisco Development as GM of the Emerging Solutions BU and co-GM for the Secure Networks BU. These groups developed software and hardware for the Data Center and Security spaces.

Before Cisco, Bob was North American GM for Xerox’ Internet Solutions Group which developed content management applications. His role spanned Sales, Applications Engineering and Operations. He was formerly founder and GM of Xerox’ Multifunction Peripherals BU. He started at Hewlett-Packard, first leading product and services lines in enterprise systems, then in sales with US Channels.

What he’s done so far:

Profitable Growth: Founded and grew businesses in many product and service areas, from $0M to $135M+ corporate start-ups to units with $185M+ in revenues. Drove benchmark levels of innovation, customer satisfaction, growth and profitability.

Building Organizations: Created new product divisions, services units and sales groups from inception to 400+ team members. Recruited leadership talent to executive roles and grew organizational competencies, processes and structures for long-term excellence.

Driving Strategy: Led strategy development for global, $2B+ software and services entity, including identifying disruptive market opportunities and portfolio and capabilities investments. Created strategy for $3B field organization selling servers and PC’s/peripherals through distribution, retail and e-commerce.

Global Breadth: Developed and sold products and services in the US, Europe and Asia and partnered to source talent, technology, delivery and manufacturing capabilities from India, Taiwan and China.


June 22, 2016


Gartner Report Says Shadow IT Will Result in 1/3 of Security Breaches

2 min read

Last week, Gartner published their Top 10 cloud security predictions for 2016. They predict that “by 2020, one third of successful attacks experienced by enterprises will be on their shadow IT resources.” As Gartner rightly points out, the reality is your business is engaging with shadow IT resources and they shoot a big hole in […]

February 11, 2016


Cisco Live Berlin: Managing the Hyper Adoption of Cloud

2 min read

As I shared in my last blog, cloud use is rampant, pervasive, exploding! As a short recap, large organization are now using an average of 1,220 cloud services (most unknown to IT departments). The tremendous spike in cloud service usage presents challenges for IT including higher business risks, costs, and a shortage of IT resources […]

January 19, 2016


Shadow IT: Rampant, Pervasive, and Explosive!

4 min read

When wireless for LAN burst onto the scene, companies were a lot slower than their employees to embrace it. Employees didn’t want to be tied to their desks.  So they brought in their own wireless access points, stashing them under desks and in conference rooms. Soon companies began realizing they had a big mess of […]

January 13, 2016


Turbo-Charge Your Cloud Conversations and Uncover New Business Opportunities

3 min read

I’ve spent a lot of time on the road over the last few months.  Europe.  Asia.  Canada.  Latin America.  And everywhere I go I talk to our partners.  The one constant: frustration over their ability to have a deep conversation with customers about cloud. Partners have told me their customers want to hear how they […]

November 3, 2015


Gartner 2016 Predictions: Cloud Security Challenges Rise From Within

2 min read

Today, most employees access public cloud solutions by bypassing IT. This is concerning for CIOs/CEOs given that it puts their organizations at substantial risk for data security and compliance challenges. But, what if it isn’t actually the public cloud that you need to worry about? What if it’s your own internal processes that are the […]

October 13, 2015


It’s Time to Tackle Your Shadow IT

1 min read

Last week I was in London and Amsterdam, where I had a fantastic time meeting with customers and cloud partners. During the conversations I had with customers and partners, shadow IT was continuously recognized as a challenge. However, most were not sure of how, or if, they should take actual action. Why? Some IT managers […]

October 19, 2015


Let’s Talk: Tackling the Shadow IT Tsunami @ #CIOsynergy San Francisco

2 min read

Did you know it pays to optimize your cloud strategy? (Literally) A recent IDC/Cisco report shows that key business indicators (top-line revenues, strategic IT budget allocations, greater IT asset flexibility) all increased with a better cloud strategy. You see this in the results. On average, companies who optimized their cloud experienced: 4% increase in revenue […]

September 16, 2015


Ostrich or Eagle: How CIOs Can Address the Shocking Reality of Shadow IT

3 min read

Recently, I had a conversation with a CIO and her team. We were reviewing the extraordinary growth of unknown and known cloud services within organizations like hers. She turned to her team and asked “well what should we do?” Some of her leaders said: “we can’t control it, so why should we discover it?” Others […]

August 24, 2015


What Are The Riskiest Cloud Services?

3 min read

We’ve known for years that employees and lines of business are bypassing IT departments to get the cloud services they want. The good news is we can finally quantify how much shadow IT exists in an organization and identify any risks. Large customers actually use 730 individual cloud services on average—with some using over 1,000. […]