November 3, 2015


Gartner 2016 Predictions: Cloud Security Challenges Rise From Within

Today, most employees access public cloud solutions by bypassing IT. This is concerning for CIOs/CEOs given that it puts their organizations at substantial risk for data security and compliance challenges. But, what if it isn’t actually the public cloud that you need to worry about? What if it’s your own internal processes that are the […]

Can YOU Benefit from the Internet of Things?

Did you know . . . there are currently about 2 connected devices for every human being on the planet? more than 99 percent of things in the physical world are still not connected to the Internet? analysts are predicting the world will reach 50 billion connected devices by 2020? All over the world, sensors, […]

A week in my life at Cisco Live London

It is not often you get a peek in the behind scenes of the Cisco Employees who put their personal lives on hold to support a major event like Cisco Live.  I am very sure this blog will not do justice to sharing one person’s perspective, but lets give it a try shall we?