November 3, 2015


Gartner 2016 Predictions: Cloud Security Challenges Rise From Within

2 min read

Today, most employees access public cloud solutions by bypassing IT. This is concerning for CIOs/CEOs given that it puts their organizations at substantial risk for data security and compliance challenges. But, what if it isn’t actually the public cloud that you need to worry about? What if it’s your own internal processes that are the […]

August 24, 2015


What Are The Riskiest Cloud Services?

3 min read

We’ve known for years that employees and lines of business are bypassing IT departments to get the cloud services they want. The good news is we can finally quantify how much shadow IT exists in an organization and identify any risks. Large customers actually use 730 individual cloud services on average—with some using over 1,000. […]

January 22, 2015


Real-World Security Is the Ability to Protect the Ultimate Asset: the User

2 min read

This week, we released the Cisco 2015 Annual Security Report and used it as a platform to introduce the inaugural Cisco Security Manifesto. Our motivation for creating this set of security principles was to underscore to organizations that they must be more dynamic in their approach to security so they can become more adaptive and […]