As I shared in my last blog, cloud use is rampant, pervasive, exploding! As a short recap, large organization are now using an average of 1,220 cloud services (most unknown to IT departments). The tremendous spike in cloud service usage presents challenges for IT including higher business risks, costs, and a shortage of IT resources to manage a multi-cloud environment.

At Cisco Live Berlin and Cisco Live Cloud Day this week I will be meeting with customers to share how we can help organizations manage the massive influx of cloud services within their organization. CLberlin

The lines of business have spoken. The sheer number of services being used highlights that lines of business are rapidly turning to cloud to improve business agility, enable new digital business models, and improve performance.

You can’t manage what you can’t see! The first step in managing cloud use is to put in place capabilities to monitor and manage cloud use within an organization. At this week’s event, we’ll be demonstrating how Cisco Cloud Consumption as a Service can help IT leaders understand and manage their cloud use.

Cloud Consumption as a Service discovers and continually monitors public cloud use across an organization. When combined with detailed analytics and benchmarking from Cisco, this insight helps businesses reduce security risks and better understand and manage costs. This enables IT teams to partner more effectively with business groups and make educated decisions about the right cloud services.

Attending Cisco Live Berlin?

  • Attend our Session: I’ll be hosting a 90 minute breakout on “Managing the Hyper Adoption and Business Risks of Cloud” (BRKCLD-4002) on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 at 11:30 a.m. This session will provide an in-depth look at public cloud adoption within organizations and a 5-step approach to managing cloud service adoption and reducing business risk.
  • Visit our booth at Cisco Live Berlin to see a demonstration of Cloud Consumption as a Service and learn more about professional services that can help you establish cloud monitoring and cloud lifecycle management.

Can’t attend?

As always, feel free to chat with me @robertdimicco for questions and comments.


Robert Dimicco

Senior Director

Advanced Services