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Peter Granger

No Longer with Cisco

Peter Granger is Senior Industry Partner Marketing Manager in the Cisco Global Private Sector Industries group, focusing mainly on the industrial sector. Peter was previously managing editor of the Cisco Energy Industry Blog, and a founding creator of all the Cisco industry blogs.

As a Senior Manager for Cisco, Peter is responsible for recognizing Industry decision makers business and operational imperatives and developing solutions that enable companies and organizations to solve critical business issues.

In the past, Peter has developed several solutions in the areas of Supply Chain, Operational Excellence, Research and Development and Sales and Customer Operations, using a combination of both Cisco and third party technology, combined with process change.

He now focuses on the industrial sector, one of the fasted growing areas for Cisco covering Manufacturing, Oil and gas, along with Utilities and mining.

Peter has been at Cisco for more than ten years with experience in the Cisco Channels organization in the UK, Cisco Strategic Alliances in the US, and presently Cisco Industry Marketing at Cisco Corporate. He has previously held management positions at Sun Microsystems, now part of Oracle, and IBM.

Peter holds an Honors Degree in Science from the University of Durham in the UK, and a post-graduate Diploma in Business Finance from the ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), a UK Finance MBA.

He is married with two children and lives in San Jose California.

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