A really fun day was held by all at the Ersi International User Conference in San Diego. Over one hundred and fifty delegates lined up to use a Cisco selfie-stick to take a ‘selfie’ against a Cisco San Diego photo back drop. Then they had to Tweet it to their followers with the hashtag ‘#NeverBetter’. Today they will be asked to Tweet with the hashtag “#ESRIUC” denoting the Esri User Conference.

HUGE lines at #EsriUC
HUGE lines at #EsriUC

This has started conversations on ‘Why is Cisco here’ – conversations we often set off when Cisco grows into new markets. At this event we’re discussing Cisco and Esri working together to address customer demand for fast and secure GIS (Geographic Information Systems) solutions. My previous blog “Esri and Cisco Help You Visualize Data More Easily – See Us at the Esri User Conference!” gives you more details of the event and the Cisco presence.

Here’s Annemarie Link from Cisco explaining what to do to get a selfie. Remember today the hashtag has changed to #ESRIUC.

Use hashtag #ESRIUC today!
Use hashtag #ESRIUC today! Click on the picture to play (adjust sound up!)

…and since the video was taken yesterday (Tuesday) Annemarie is really saying come by Wednesday (and Thursday!).

At the Esri User Conference there will be ample time to discuss with Cisco Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) these topics:

  • How Esri and Cisco are working together to improve the user experience. Esri, OSIsoft, and Cisco are exploring ways that will provide this new virtualized environment easily to users – an Internet of things (IoT) solution for asset-insensitive utilities and manufacturer customers.
  • How Industries such as power utilities and manufacturing are benefiting from a secure scaleable environment that can be provisioned in minutes, not hours or days. With our partners Esri and OSIsoft we’re providing a more efficient, safe, and cost-effective operation capability.
  • How we enable Smart City solutions that empower both government and the private sector to work together to provide improved services and greater responsiveness to citizens.

I’m looking forward to our conversations in San Diego at the Esri User Conference. Find us in the lounge area of the Startup Zone – that’s Booth UNB2.

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Peter Granger

Senior Sales Transformation Manager