June 6, 2018


Do Your Best Teamwork with Webex Teams

Webex Teams meetings are built for the continuous workflow that teams use to get things done quickly and effectively.  They give everyone an equal seat at the table to move work forward anytime.

December 9, 2017


The Future of Interactive Whiteboards

Craig Tranter is a former educator, and now serves as a technology presenter for Cisco. This blog is part of a series on advancements and opportunities in education. All views...

November 8, 2017


Meet the Need for Speed: Cisco Spark Board Annotation (and More)

Explore a set of new Cisco Spark Board capabilities to improve creative teamwork. We’re adding annotation, improving how attendees see each other, and simplifying deployment.

November 1, 2017


Meetings for Everyone: 1 Billion or Bust

We are helping you move to the cloud and changing the way we do business with you – two radical transformations that promise better user experiences and easier deployment of collaboration products through the cloud.

January 24, 2017


White Boarding in Cisco Spark: Always Yours, Always Live, Always Secure

When we started working on the Cisco Spark Board over a year ago, we looked at what makes a regular analog whiteboard so effective. One thing we identified is that anyone can use it. You can walk into any conference room, walk up to a whiteboard, and use it. The whiteboard is there, it’s easy to use, and easy to make your own. But recent digital whiteboard attempts by others have failed to meet the same standard for ease of use. We knew we had to do better.

January 24, 2017


You Can’t Schedule Innovation

Innovation doesn’t just happen at "9 a.m. next Tuesday." Ideas are unpredictable. And with fast-changing markets, CEOs are worried about keeping their organizations relevant. So many companies are disrupting markets that every company urgently needs both to create new ideas and get things done fast. Do is the new disrupt. But you need the right tools to speed innovation. Tools that inspire and engage teams. We are excited to be launching a magical experience with our Cisco Spark apps, the Cisco Spark Board, and the Cisco Spark cloud platform. It’s an experience that I believe will truly change the way people meet.